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 Катрин Денев в Дамаске.Сирия.11-12 ноября.2008

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СообщениеТема: Катрин Денев в Дамаске.Сирия.11-12 ноября.2008   Ср Ноя 12, 2008 5:15 pm

Damascus - Veteran French actress Catherine Deneuve said in Damascus on Tuesday that she believes that cinema can help in spreading love and peace among people all over the world.

“The cinema is the best way to know the other and accept differences because knowing the other through films helps opening up new horizons,” Deneuve told reporters during the 16th International Damascus Film Festival.

Deneuve said “the cinema should stay close to the culture,” so as not to be subjected to outside influences and to avoid imitation, adding that “this is difficult for Syria.”

“However, producing few films is better than many films that are a mere imitation of the US films,” added Deneuve, who was honoured at the festival, which wraps up late Tuesday.

The 65-year-old actress expressed her willingness to work with Arab directors. “I have been working in the industry since 40 years, if they want (to work with me), there is an opportunity.”

Deneuve recently highlighted the humanitarian concerns facing war- ravaged Lebanon with ‘Je Veux Voir’, a movie filmed entirely in a devastated village in southern Lebanon. The film is an account of the horror the war has left in its wake.

Deneuve’s film was screened on the sidelines of last month’s Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi.

“I felt like I was crushed by the consequences of war,” said Deneuve, describing her experience of shooting the film.

“I have never seen remains of people in my life. It was useful to see (what I saw), because we live in a spot in Europe that takes all news from the media.”

Deneuve, who expressed her wish to visit Syria again, had last visited the middle eastern country more than a decade ago.

This year’s edition of the Damascus Film Festival kicked off on November 1, marking the first annual session of the festival which was previously held once every two years. (dpa)

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Катрин Денев в Дамаске.Сирия.11-12 ноября.2008
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